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The Journal of Holocaust Research

Volume 31 Number 3 November 2017

Conflicting Jurisdictions: The Struggle of the Jews in the Displaced Persons Camps for Legal Autonomy

Rivka Brot 

In Search of the “Whole Man”: Soul–Man–World in the National Socialist Weltanschauung

Amit Varshizky 

‘Secure in the Two-Dimensional World’: The Filmbühne and Jewish Audiences in the Third Reich, 1938–1941

Leah Hansen Rauch

 Fear and Terror: The Expulsion of Polish Jews from Germany in October 1938

Uta Larkey 

Scholars' Forum: Holocaust Historiography in Eastern Europe (Part II)

Editors: Kiril Feferman and Kobi Kabalek


Kiril Feferman and Kobi Kabalek

Without controversy? Recent research on the Holocaust in Bohemian Lands

Michal Frank

Studying the Holocaust in Estonia: Has the Topic Been Exhausted?

Anton Weiss-Wendt

Holocaust Historiography in Latvia: The Road Toward Research Infrastructure

Didzis Berniz

The Extraordinary Recent History of Holocaust Studies in Lithuania

Dovid Katz

“At the Crossroads”: Jedwabne and Polish Historiography of the Holocaust

Joanna B. Michlic

From Source Collections to Peer-Reviewed Journals: Romanians Write the Holocaust

Roland Clark

Ukrainian Historiography of the Holocaust through the Prism of Modern Discourse on Collaboration on the Territory of Ukraine

Yuri Radchenko

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