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The Journal of Holocaust Research

Baruch Furman / Organized sports activity in the D.P camps in Germany in 1946-1948

and the involvement of the "Hapoel" Organization for Physical Activity in this activity

During the years 1946-1948, an organized sports activity took place among the D.P. camps in Germany, especially in the U.S. zone. Approximately 15'000 athletes from among the holocaust survivors participated in various sports, such as soccer, track & field, swimming, boxing, chess, tennis, table tennis etc.

All the major sports organizations active in Palestine at the time ("Macabbee", "Beitar" and "Elizor") also took part in organized sports activities in the D.P. camps. The activities were organized by the "canter for Physical Education" and by the "Farband".

Among the sports organizations that took part in the activities in the D.P. camps, "Hapoel" was the most prominent. This was due to the organization's affinity to the Jewish leadership in Israel, as well as to the fact that its activists formed the core of the organized activity.

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