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The Journal of Holocaust Research

Call For Papers

The Journal of Holocaust Research is pleased to announce a Call For Papers for an upcoming Special Issue: 

Transformations of Holocaust Memory in Light of Contemporary European Anxieties 

Posted 03 February 2022

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Guest Editors: Dr. Nurit Novis-Deutsch and Dr. Tracy Adams

Assistant Editor: Prof. Gavriel D. Rosenfeld 


The Journal of Holocaust Research is pleased to announce a Call for Papers for an upcoming special issue: The Transformation of Holocaust Memory in the Age of European Anxiety.

The issue will focus on the various shifts that have taken place in Holocaust memory in Europe in recent years. Europe is experiencing an age of anxiety, related to waves of immigration and refugees, economic uncertainty, climate change, and the Covid-19 pandemic. These and other anxieties have been manifested in anti-immigration sentiment, surging rightwing nationalism, and increased tensions between ethnic and religious groups. This special issue will examine how such trends are shaping, and at times distorting, Holocaust memory.

We invite papers analyzing the causes, expressions, and implications of this mnemonic development. Papers can focus on memory expressions in various domains, including the individual, the public-political, the educational, the cultural, digital or social media, and other sites of memory. We encourage empirical studies of quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methodology, but will also consider theoretical and philosophically-oriented analyses.

The Journal of Holocaust Research invites scholars in various disciplines (including Holocaust studies, history, memory studies, political science, social psychology, sociology and media studies) to submit proposals offering innovative perspectives on topics that include:

  • Holocaust memory in contemporary trans-European, East/West blocs, or specific national contexts.
  • Transformations in teaching and learning about the Holocaust in European educational systems.
  • Shifts in Holocaust representations in traditional, digital and social media.
  • The relation between referencing the Holocaust and current events such as immigration, refugees, the EU, the Covid-19 pandemic and rise of alt-right movements.
  • Antisemitism and Holocaust memory in Europe today
  • National Holocaust memory in the 2020's in relation to perceived or historical roles that European countries played in the Holocaust (e.g. perpetrator, bystander).
  • Changes to Holocaust representations in museums and memorial sites as reflection of shifts in European or national Zeitgeists.

We also welcome proposals on other topics.


Submissions should not exceed 7000 words (including footnotes) and should be formatted according to the Journal's style guidelines, which can be found here.

All submissions will be peer-reviewed.

The special issue is due to be published during 2023.



The deadline to submit proposals is April 20, 2022. Titles and abstracts (450 words max.) and a short bio (200 words) should be submitted in Word format to: jhr@univ.haifa.ac.il (final paper submission date TBD)


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